• Commercial Pilot

  • Training Captain

  • Chief Flying Instructor

  • Aviation Safety Advocate

Justyn Gorman, Professional Pilot.

If it has wings, I can probably fly it.

I am a professional pilot with over 7,000 flying hours on over 130 types. I have both CAA and FAA ATPL.
In addition to my primary role as a commercial captain, I am passionate about aviation safety. I offer training and instruction in a wide variety of disciplines. I'm also known to draw the occasional love heart in the sky.
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a Unique skill set

a wealth of experience

Commercial Flying
Experience includes; AOC Charter / Private charter / Royalty / VIP / Medivac / Organ transplant / ISTAR government intelligence / Military support roles / Pipeline survey / Powerline survey / LIDAR / Environmental
Instructional / Training roles
Ab-initio / Advanced / Night / Instrument / High performance / Tail-wheel / Aerobatic (competition) / Aerobatic (Display flying mentor) / Multi-engine / Commercial / Specialist type training such as Vans RV and other high performance aircraft
Aviation Safety
I am an advocate for aviation safety and have long campaigned through a series of lectures and presentations that enhance aviation safety particularly in the human performance interface. I am currently undertaking training in Psychotherapy with a view to combine this human factors knowledge with my extensive aviation background.

Bespoke ‘one to one’ training
I have several personal clients that I mentor, guide and train to enable them to operate their aircraft collections in a risk averse manner.
Aircraft Management
I am currently involved in the day to day running and acquisition of numerous aircraft in the UK and the United States.
Ferry Flying / Factory deliveries
Positioning of machines Worldwide, trips to include 26 states in the USA and a PA31 delivery flight from Abu Dhabi to Goodwood.
CFI @ Kittyhawk Flight Academy
Our core mission at the academy is to foster absolute best-of-class airmanship and command skills in a safe, informal atmosphere. From selective Ab-Initio to advanced flight techniques & ratings.
Aerobatic Display Flying
I have one of the UK CAA most comprehensive display authorisations (DA) to Unlimited with a height of 3 feet for public air-shows. I also possess a ‘special’ dispensation to allow old CAP403 distance minima.

Cpt. Justyn Gorman

I have held command on numerous AOCs.
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A wealth of experience explained step by step. 
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130 types and counting

I have had the privilege of flying many types from commercial to supersonic. 
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Wings or wheels?

A motorsport pedigree; 1999 Double Champion.
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